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Become a Point of Contact for your NeighbourHub

Download and print copies of this letter for your neighbours (PDF or Word)

Catshill Community Support Group


Hello neighbour,

If you require support or are self-isolating or social distancing because of Covid-19, I can help.

I am volunteering as the point of contact for a small group in our street for a local group providing help and support, with things such as help preparing for self-isolating, checking-in phone calls, help with shopping, errand running, posting mail or collecting parcels and dog walking.

If you are online ‘Catshill Community Support’ is on Facebook.
Even if you don’t need anything at the moment please keep these details handy.

The aim is to have a local network of people able to help each other, no-one needs to feel alone even in isolation!

Your personal details will never be shared without your permission and will only be used for the help you ask for. Please do not invite strangers into your home, any items will be exchanged on doorsteps keeping a safe distance. Volunteers will always wash their hands frequently. There is no charge for using this service.

Please stay safe and follow the current guidelines.

  • My name is:
  • My address is:
  • I am volunteering to support the following number of properties adjacent to my own:
  • You can contact me in the following ways:

Advice to beneficiaries:

  • Volunteers do not expect payment for their time – you should only pay for shopping or other expenses you would normally cover
  • Do not invite volunteers into your property – shopping and other goods can be left on door steps to avoid infection
  • If a volunteer is walking your dog then you should provide poo bags and other essentials. If necessary muzzle your dog before the volunteer arrives
  • Abuse of volunteers, verbal, racial, sexual or otherwise, will not be tolerated and may result in you being reported to the police
  • Beneficiaries should be aware that volunteers are not DBS checked and have no medical or specialist training.
  • The organisers accept no liability or responsibility for damage or loss of property, infection or other issues resulting from contact between volunteers and beneficiaries.
  • If you feel that a volunteer is behaving in an unacceptable manner then please report it to covid@catshill.com


This initiative is supported by Councillor Shirley Webb